At Erased Laser Tattoo Removal we specialize in only one thing: Tattoo Removal. Proudly Serving Las Vegas and the surrounding Las Vegas area we specialize in Tattoo Removal and we are able to give you the most advanced technology for the removal of tattoos. We look forward to being able to answer your questions and discuss our services with you. You will likely find many of your questions are answered here, but feel free to contact us by phone to make an appointment or get an estimated cost for treatment. All consultations are FREE.

We offer Tattoo Removal here in Las Vegas by using the most powerful advanced laser tattoo removal system available, with 2-4 times the power of any other lasers. Our main goal is customer satisfaction and to provide you with the most effective and affordable pricing. Please feel free to call us 702-539-0828 or visit us at 3663 E. Sunset Rd Suite #508, Las Vegas, NV 89120. 

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